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Pest Control and Disinfection Services & Inspection

Fly/Mosquito program

Mosquitoes are Potential vectors of diseases such as Malaria. The disease organisms of typhoid, dysentery, summer diarrhoea and other diseases are transferred from faecal matter to food by vomit drops, in fly excrement or by organisms adhering to their feet.

Cockroach infestation program

Cockroaches are Potential vectors of diseases such as Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid and Poliomyelitis.

Ants infestation program

Ants can be more than annoying in homes, restaurants and food handling areas. One needs to treat these areas because once ants are in they contaminate foodstuffs, spread germs and speed up spoilage.

Rodent infestation program

Preventing rodent - Bourne diseases such as Murine typhus fever, Bubonic plague, Leptospirosis, Rat bite fever, Salmonellosis, rat bites causing infections and scars.

Perimeter Program

Perimeter treatment which serves as a deterrent against rodents and reptiles eg. mice, rats, snakes etc.

Beetle Inspections

We pride ourselves in diligent and thorough inspection of all Built and Wooden Structures.

We offer local inspections and certification of Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) ie; Beetle Certificate, within and around Western Cape, South Africa. Our Inspectors are trained to the highest degree with PCITA (Pest Control Industries Training Acadamy) Certified training and comply to all regularities for Legal WDO Inspections in South Africa.

Disinfection Services

Disinfection of the Air Conditioning Ducts, Intake Filters etc.

Preventing Germs , bacteria and micro-organisms in air filters and ducts such as Legionella pneumophia, Measles, Chicken Pox, Mildew, Mold, Allergic Rhinitis, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Choleraesius, Enterobacter Aerogenes.

Mattress, Vacuuming Treatment & Steam Cleaning

Head, Body and Genital Louse can transmit diseases.Mattress steam cleaning and treatment against bed mites help eradicate at least 27 known pathogens (some estimates are as high as 41) that are capable of living inside a bed bug or on its mouthparts.There is the possibility that the saliva of the bedbugs may cause anaphylactic shock in a small percentage of people. It is also possible that sustained feeding by bedbugs may lead to anemia.


Certification against Cockroach infestation and Deratting as stipulated by Maritime Law. (The Pest Control Program will be carried out only by a qualified Pest Control Officer from GKO Health Services.)


Offshore programs : One Spray Backpack, disinfecting pressurized spray bottle , mattress steam cleaning machine and non-allergenic hepa vacuum cleaner to remain onboard in the case of continued treatments every 6 months by GKO Health Services.


All non-toxic pesticides and disinfectants are provided.

Our Insecticides

Our insecticides are non-toxic to humans, animals and plants because they contain a group of esters called pyrethrins which are extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethrins attack the nervous systems of all insects and inhibit female mosquitoes from biting. All MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available.

A unique product in the form of Gel is applied to identified problem areas to attract and kill Cockroaches from incoming cargo up to 10 weeks after completion of program.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), JSA (Job Safety Analysis) WORKSHEET and HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) are available on request.

A progress report on our daily movements is presented on initiation of the pest control program and a update report is presented on the completion of the pest control program (Including certificates).

* More than 50 letters of recommendation are available on request.